My journey here is to inspire the souls who come my way.
Apart from that... A guided author, spiritual but not religious and a writer with empathy.

My story is a bit different, you would be amazed how much a decade of silence can enlighten a child, but that was a long time ago.
The loneliness, bitter feelings, depression, observations, listening, thinking, analysis, learning, predicting, considering, random thoughts and worst of all.., Anxiety.
Years of silence can give you the privilege to understand life without words.

Born an hour and a half before the leap year of 92. Living where the truth alone triumphs.

Welcome to my odyssey of Walking with Words.

The Uncommon Visit

(A novel in progress)

Let me put it this way,

What if a deity who has been with God, somewhat like his trainee, who knows everything about our world, who has solutions to all our problems, visits earth and encounters a little boy. Guiding him on his journey in life, what would he have to share with us? What would be his views on human behavior,nature or the way we live? What would he teach us about our own self? This is the Story.

A Story that every one of us has in common.

Before you go.., take this with you.

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