Understand Us

Understand Us

Name: – WalkingWithWords
Moto – “We write your feelings.”

Writer:- Macx £õpes

Everyone has feelings… Good ones as well as Bad, but not every time we are able to express them. This is where we come in.
You tell us what’s in your heart… may it be Happy, Sadness, Treasure or Loss else just to make a statement to the world and we write your sentiments within a quote, a saying or a few lines.

Posting and reading them will give you a way of expressing. You may use the words for yourself or your status on Whatsapp, Facebook or any other social sites…. Or the best is to use them with your own Selfies for the world to see you together with your emotions.

“A picture without words is a body without its soul” – Mãcx £õpes.

Every Pictures speaks a special message, a family photo speaks of bonding, a picture of newly married couple speaks for their future, a smiling photo of a child speaks of its parents unconditional Love.

We transform your emotions into words with a proper mixture of affection, love and our writer’s twist. we just don’t write words, we write your feelings.

Tell us what you want to convey and we will find the most exquisite word combinations for your special Moment.

We will edit your pictures as well. So go on… Try us while it’s free.

We are WalkingWithWords – We are here to serve your feelings.

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